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Apr 23



The media should know this.


The media should know this.

Jul 30

Instagram has grown to +80 million registered users! -

Instagram community has grown to over 80 million registered users who have shared nearly 4 billion photos!

Jan 30

13 Tips &Tricks for Cutting Edge Pinterest Users -

Pinterest has been one of the hottest new social networks on the radar for a few months now. In fact, Pinterest has made the list of top 10 social networks — and it’s technically still invite-only.

Sep 20

Taco Bell: 9 Lessons From Successful Brands on Twitter -

Taco Bell is one of nine brands that have found success on Twitter along with takeaway lessons on what they do right and how you can emulate their success.

For a global brand, Taco Bell does a remarkable job not taking themselves too seriously on Twitter. They recently asked their followers to help get them into Twitter’s “Trending Topics” with great success. They also embraced the bad tweets with the good, tweeting; “It’s all real here! Don’t filter out the bad stuff” and linking to a fan who wrote: “Picture looks great but your food still sucks.”

Lesson #6: Don’t take yourself too seriously on Twitter. Accelerate the positive comments and embrace the negative ones.


How to Connect with Mobile Consumers -

Mobile Usage Trends:

Aug 26

Social Media Top 10 Best Practices:


Loyalty from the fan community is based on listening & being part of the conversation vs. a traditional one way communication.

Authenticity has been the most important tenet for success for Taco Bell’s social media. Embracing both positive and negative comments result in fans/followers becoming loyal brand evangelists and advocates.


AUTHENTICITY: Be a “real” friend with personality, not customer service reps or  “traditional” corporate brand speak

LISTENING AND ASKING: Pose open ended questions for feedback and solicit opinions to engage fans/followers

IN-THE-KNOW: Provide access to information/products ahead of time

TRANSPARENCY: Be honest and truthful - provide a peek under the tent

RESPONSIVENESS: Respond and answer in “real time”

INTIMACY: Engage in 1:1 conversations with individual fans, not just wall postings

VARIETY: Diversify posts by time of day, product, occasion, and type of rewards

FACILITATE CONVERSATIONS: Encourage topics relevant to the brand

PERSONIFY: Address fans directly by name to humanize the brand

FILTERING:  Delete inappropriate or mean spirited posts vs. controlling the content and conversations


Aug 24

Taco Bell Mobile Case Study -

iMedia Brand Summit: February 2010 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Mobile is a key element in Taco Bell’s digital marketing strategy, providing accessibility for on-the-go customers to access Tacobell.com from anywhere at any time.

Taco Bell: One of the 5 of the Best Brand Homepages on the web -

No, TacoBell.com doesn’t have a shopping cart for chalupas, but it does have a supreme website. And if the word supreme has you in the mood for a Crunchy Taco Supreme, its homepage has a user-friendly location finder (reference 1) to help visitors get their fix faster by providing them with the closest franchise.

Taco Bell’s social network properties (reference 2) are clearly centered at the top of its homepage. These links escort visitors to the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages for news updates, to YouTube for its ad clips, and to its mobile-friendly site, which has a GPS locator to further help people find the nearest drive-through.

At the top to the far left (reference 3), Taco Bell features its logo, which links back to the homepage. Best of all, when users click it, the bell rings. In this section, users can navigate to “food” to view menus, to “discover” to display new menu items and combo specials, and to “nutrition” for ingredients, a calorie calculator, diabetic options, etc.

Perhaps one of my favorite sections of the Taco Bell homepage is its reputation management (reference 4), which is located in the lower left corner. Here the brand addresses the recently dropped lawsuit regarding its seasoned beef. It is upfront and logical as it explains the issue (via videos, press releases, etc.), providing customers with the facts. Although the questioned quality of its beef was a PR nightmare, there’s no question about the quality of the brand’s site — it’s pure premium.

The company also does an excellent job of displaying large product images and descriptions (reference 5). Since the company isn’t posed with the e-commerce challenge of having to promote all of its menu items on the homepage, it’s able to have a bright graphic background that ties in with its branded image.

Aug 22

Mobile Women to Watch 2010: Mobile Women to Watch 2010 -

“With mobile and smartphone penetration increasing exponentially, we are increasingly leveraging our mobile site, iPhone apps and establishing a mobile marketing database”

What do you most like about your job? The opportunity to work in an exponentially changing landscape. The digital, social and mobile environments are in constant evolution, and adapting to the new way in which people consume information has kept me invigorated and constantly challenged!

What’s the biggest challenge in your job?
Building mobile sites and creative, as there is no Interactive Advertising Bureau standards for mobile. You have variations in device settings, carrier, ad networks and screen sizes. In building a traditional Web site, you can test for the two major browsers and be good to go. The variety is endless with mobile!

What is your work priority for 2010?
In keeping with our vision for digital marketing, we want provide our on-the go
customers the capability to access Tacobell.com from anywhere at any time.