danielle wolfson

“With mobile and smartphone penetration increasing exponentially, we are increasingly leveraging our mobile site, iPhone apps and establishing a mobile marketing database”

What do you most like about your job? The opportunity to work in an exponentially changing landscape. The digital, social and mobile environments are in constant evolution, and adapting to the new way in which people consume information has kept me invigorated and constantly challenged!

What’s the biggest challenge in your job?
Building mobile sites and creative, as there is no Interactive Advertising Bureau standards for mobile. You have variations in device settings, carrier, ad networks and screen sizes. In building a traditional Web site, you can test for the two major browsers and be good to go. The variety is endless with mobile!

What is your work priority for 2010?
In keeping with our vision for digital marketing, we want provide our on-the go
customers the capability to access Tacobell.com from anywhere at any time.

Keynote Speaker at 2009 IAB Marketplace: Mobile Conference

Danielle Wolfson: Senior Associate Manager at Taco Bell, gives an Advertiser’s perspective on mobile marketing.

The unique characteristics of the mobile Internet and applications have already enticed many big brands to incorporate the platform into comprehensive marketing strategies. Taco Bell delivered the first of many creative examples throughout the event. Danielle Wolfson, Senior Associate Manager, Taco Bell Interactive, and her team understand how the functionality of the platform puts her closer to overall objectives. When the brand launched a mobile platform in February 2009 to provide utility to the “out and about” consumer, it worked hard to keep its value proposition consistent. The trademark low price menu and late-night hours pair precisely with the in-the-palm-of-your-hand technology to drive hungry customers through the doors of local stores. The menu page accounts for 50 percent of the total page views on the mobile site—proving that 24/7 access is valuable to the specific target audience.